Cummins Onan Commercial Mobile SD8000

Cummins Onan Commercial Generator

Commercial SD 8000


  • Low vibration for smooth operation
  • Powerful 22.3 hp engine
  • User-friendly remote control option
  • Cross-flow radiator for increased cooling efficiency
  • Installation flexibility with remountable 90° exhaust elbow and two oil fill locations

Standard Features:

  • 4-cylinder diesel engine
  • Brush type AC alternator
  • Bi-directionally optimized mounting system with 4-point vibration isolation
  • Cross-flow radiator
  • Full flow lube oil filter
  • Fuel filter/water separator
  • Vertically mounted fuel and oil filters
  • Replaceable element air cleaner
  • Remote mountable DC control box
  • 4-position exhaust elbow
  • 30 A battery charging DC alternator
  • Lifting bracket
  • Glow plugs for easy starting
  • Base pan for drip control
  • Electric fuel pump