Standby Residential

With power supplies becoming increasing unreliable as more pressure is placed on our power grids, the importance of residential standby generators in increasing dramatically.

Many homes are now fitted with sophisticated C-Bus intergrated systems, controlling everything from lighting, irrigation, air conditioning, multi-room audio,windows and blinds and home theatre to more importantly home security and keyless entry. However these all rely on consistent power generation.

Understanding Home Standby Generators
An average home may use more than a hundred electrical appliances and devices to provide convenience, comfort and security. It is, therefore, essential that we install a backup home generator to prepare for a power outage. A residential generator has major advantages over a portable gen set- automatic start, permanent fixture, more power, cleaner fuel (natural gas or propane), low running costs and all-weather operation. Standby power systems start automatically with seconds after a home’s electricity goes out and ensure a continuous electrical supply.

A Transfer Switch immediately senses when power is interrupted and transfers power generation to generator. It also senses when power is restored and transfers the load back to the utility source and signals the generator to shut down. The power generator is installed outdoors and linked directly to home’s permanent fuel supply.